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First Announcement and Call for Papers | International Conference on Drinking Water Safety and Optimal Distribution in Urban Agglomerations: The 1st Forum of Water Safety Innovation Center of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

2021-07-02 通知公告

Cities are important spatial carriers of human production and life, and water is an important resource to support urban economic development. In recent years, with coordination and progress in drinking water protection, ecological restoration, drinking water purification, sponge city construction in many cities, the contradiction between urban water resources supplies and demand has been alleviated, and urban water security has been improved. 

2021 is the first year of the implementation of the "China 14th Five-Year Plan". During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, a national water network with integrated functions including hazard prevention and control, water resources allocation and water ecology protection will be built. Moreover, to enhance the national water security, it is planned to improve the water conservancy infrastructure system, strengthen water source restoration, and increase the protection and comprehensive management of key rivers and lakes. 

Ensuring drinking water safety and optimal distribution in urban agglomerations is not only a crucial task in the protection of the water ecological system, but also guarantees safe and high-quality drinking water in the context of climate change and other environmental challenges. This involves the whole industrial chain of water environment, upstream and downstream industries and all stakeholders to joint and cooperate. 

To achieve this goal, Guangdong Water Co., Ltd. and Harbin Institute of Technology plan to organize the International Conference on Drinking Water Safety and Optimal Distribution in Urban Agglomerations: the 1st Forum of Water Safety Innovation Center of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in September 2021 in Shenzhen. Academicians such as Ma Jun and a group of well-known experts at home and abroad will be invited as keynote speakers. This conference will serve as a comprehensive public communication and exhibition platform for governments, universities, institutes, water supply and environmental protection industries. 

The conference programme is framed with plenary session, thematic sessions, Q&A, panel discussion, and technical tour. This conference aims to have an in-depth analysis and address on topics of aquatic ecology and water source protection, safe drinking water supply and optimal distribution, with a specific focus on sustainable water utilization and drinking water safety in urban agglomerations

Topics of papers should be related to the three main themes of this conference: (1) Ecological protection and restoration of water bodies in urban agglomerations; (2) Drinking water safety in urban agglomerations; (3) Design of optimal water distribution systems in urban agglomerations. Selected papers will be published in the conference proceedings, and some of them will be published in China Water and Wastewater. Papers are open for submission now. All individuals and entities including government, universities, research institutes, water utilities, design institutes, general contractors, and product suppliers in the field of water are welcome to contribute to and participate in the conference.

Conference date: Late September 2021 (tentative)
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong 
Programme Framework: Plenary session + Thematic sessions + Q&A + Panel Discussion + Technical Tour

Guangdong Yue Gang Water Supply Co., Ltd. 
Guangdong Water Co., Ltd.
Guangdong GDH Pearl River Delta Water Supply Co., Ltd.
Guangdong GDH Yue Xi Water Supply Co., Ltd.
Harbin Institute of Technology

International Water Association
China Water and Wastewater Journal Co., Ltd.
National Engineering Research Center of Urban Water Resources (North)
State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resources and Environment 
Water Safety Innovation Center of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area 

01 Topics of interest for submission include but are not limited to: 
? Water ecological protection and water resources development and utilization
? Water ecological safety in urban agglomerations
? Sponge city construction and treatment of black and odorous water body
? Eutrophication control in lakes and reservoirs and sediment dredging technologies
? Water source protection and ecological restoration
? Progress in drinking water purification technology and treatment process upgrade
? Detection of pathogenic microorganisms and disinfection technologies for drinking water
? Building ecology and water reuse
? Exploitation and utilization of unconventional water resources
? Energy-saving and water quality in urban water distribution networks
? Urban secondary water supply technologies
? Application of smart water in urban water production and distribution

02 Submission requirements
(1) The paper should be correct in view, technologically advanced, novel in content, concise in text, fluent in language and grammatically correct, written in either Chinese or English. Articles that have been published in other publicans should not be submitted. 
(2) The word count should not exceed 6,000 words, consisting of seven parts: title, authors, affiliation, abstract (150-200 words), keywords, text, references and contact information. Text should be in size 5. All charts and graphs must be clear, standardized, with real and accurate data, using standard symbols, mixed text and graphs. 
(3) The deadline for paper submission is 8 September 2021. 

03 Submission method
Please submit your paper to ycm0128@126.com by using "Paper Submission of 2021 International Conference on Drinking Water Safety and Optimal Distribution in Urban Agglomerations" as the name of the subject. For paper inquiries, please contact Yi Chunmin of China Water & Wastewater Journal Co., Ltd (Tel: 022-27836225, 13920341911). 

04 Contacts
For companies and manufacturers who are interested in communication and promotion through the conference, please contact the organizers for information and inquiries. 
Zhong Wenjun 
Tel: 0755-22173544, 13926468961 
E-mail: 121825697@qq.com